our roots

In early 2012, members of the San Marcos Arts Commission proposed the idea of creating an outdoor art market in San Marcos to help increase the visibility of the arts and artists in San Marcos. In 2013, a parking area located at The Hitch: A Mobile Eatery on CM Allen Parkway became the space to launch the first art market, called β€œArt Unhitched.” Although the year was successful, it had its challenges.

After careful consideration, the artists, along with members of the Arts Commission, decided to relocate the Art Market. In the fall of 2013, Art Unhitched art vendors started to organize to include forming a planning committee that soon transitioned to the Art Squared Advisory Committee made up of artists and art enthusiasts. Promotional plans were created and a new location was secured at the historic Hays County Courthouse in Downtown San Marcos. The new and improved 'Art Squared Arts Market' was launched in March, 2014.

Since the inaugural launch, the Arts Market has had tremendous growth both in artists' participation and with the public interest. The Art Squared Arts Market is a program of the San Marcos Art League, a 501 c(3) arts organization.  Art Squared is grateful for all partners and visionaries who helped to make the Arts Market a reality for San Marcos.

our vision

The vision of Art Squared is to be a catalyst for the advancement of the arts and art makers, as well as a contributor in helping to make San Marcos a destination for cultural experiences for our local community and visitors alike.

our mission

To provide a platform for artists of all mediums to exhibit, promote and sell their handcrafted art.